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A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Cats - circa 1845

Staffordshire Cats are much rarer than their canine counterparts.

But there are cats and then there are these cats.

These are the finest and most desireable of the pussy cats.
Naively painted with underglaze black spots, pale pink noses
and distinctive yellow eyes,
 lying content on their lovely cobalt blue bases,
they have wonderfully painted pretty faces.

This is a true pair, very fine quality, everything matches; markings, gilding,
crazing, colour of their noses and the detailed painting of the whiskers.

This pair of little beauties are in superb condition with no restoration.

The cat that got the cream?
These cats are the cream, they are simply the best.

Yes these pussies really do purr !

Height 5.75 inches, Circa 1845

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