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A Staffordshire Figure of Isaac Van Amburgh

Height 6.25 inches, Circa 1838

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A Staffordshire Figure of Van Anburgh circa 1838

The American lion tamer,
made by John and Rebecca Lloyd of Shelton

Van Amburg from Kentucky in America visited England
in 1838, 1843 & 1848 and was a superstar.

He performed with lions, tigers and leopards in Astley's Amphitheatre in London,
Drury Lane and in the provinces throughout England.
Always portrayed in gladiator's dress, his performances attracted
the likes of The Duke of Wellington and Queen Victoria herself

This is a marvellous portrait figure of
"The Brute tamer of Pompeii".

This example is just stunning with striking colouring.
 It is in superb condition with no restoration.

Height: 6.25 inches

Oliver Sutton Antiques, High St. Kensington

This is the actual figure; colour plate 1V and
the back cover illustration on

"Staffordshire Pottery - The Tribal Art of England"
by Anthony Oliver and described wonderfully therein.

I am always looking for fine quality Staffordshire Figures.

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